Endless Possibilities

Magic lies at the end of logic

The universe is Abundant with everything you’ve ever asked for. All these things are available in the universe in many forms. So stop stopping yourself.


When the student is ready, The Master appears. 

Ignorance Is bliss, But
Awareness Is An Eternal Blessing

Millions of thoughts per day and you may be absorbing millions of right and wrong, good and bad, true and false and other polarities of judgment all your life; all these have made the crisis cross the matrix around you; Making you feel stuck and not able to move forward fast or at all.

Are you Really asking to be FREE?
Are you truly willing to be the Best Version of who you are?


What We Can Achieve

Clarity for you

Life seems to not be going the way you desire; confusion is at every step; And what you have for sure is not the life of your Dreams.


Awareness is that Inner Compass that leads you to places you can truly relate. Being Confident, Stay Focussed is possible when you get More ease, Joy & Glory in Life.

Heal Yourself

Gary Douglas, The founder of Access Consciousness says “The Byproduct of choosing more consciousness is healing”

And here we are referring to Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial and even Physical healing.

Ask for 1on1 Personal Sessions with total commitment to your empowerment and Privacy.

Become a Facilitator

Would you wish to help, heal and Empower others? Be a Catalyst to their growth? Be a Leader? Like they say “Before you be a BullFighter, be the Bull First.” Choose to be a Certified Access Bars Practitioner and even unlock the possibilities to be a Certified Access Bars Facilitator. Time to bring more joy in your life by being who you truly are.

Upgrade Yourself

Impossible for you to be here, if you are fully content with what you have in Life. Are you on a voyage to Be, More, have More, Live More. Then you have just reached the right place.


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It’s Always So Much Fun When We’re Together

Explore My Sessions & Courses

Unlock Infinite Magic With Geet Batra

Access Bars Workshop

It’s a 1 Day Workshop to equip you with Tools,  Process to be more aware by dissipating all the past that is not working for you.

How to Become Money

Everyone deserves Money and there is Enough for all; This 10 calls series helps you be the chemistry of Money; The more you practice or listen to recordings or read the money workbook or attend the calls, the more your financial reality changes.

Access Foundation

We make plans, But Murphy’s law says things go wrong when they are least expected to. Life is also like that. This course is for you if you wish to bring empowerment in a whole lot of areas in your life and have total clarity; this will open up a new world of awareness for you; where magic is just a way of life.