The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

​Access Bars is not just a Methodology, But a way of Life to stay Empowered and Help Others too. It is like that medicine which you take for yourself and people around you get healed. And It worked wonders for millions of people across the world.

Now, How does it get even better than this!

The Bars were originally channelled by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, in 1990s
Gary Douglas the Founder of Access Consciousness brought Access bars to this world and it never ever had existed before. And Dr. Dain Heer is the Co-Creator.

He came to know that there are 32 Points on our Head and this is where the Energy in the form of emotions, thoughts, feelings from our past experiences are stored.
Each of these points is called Bars and they all correspond to a particular attribute of Human Experience.
Touching these points releases that energy, which only creates limitations that we are carrying and the barriers that we have created. Running the bars open up an individual for receiving more and giving it out to the world.

Everything in the Universe is in Energy form, when you get a Bars Session, all the Disempowering thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, Projections, Expectations and beliefs from any lifetime that are electrically stored in the brain and release them. It is like defragging your computer – which makes it run smoothly and efficiently, and when you feel free, everyone around you is happier too!

Similar to when the lights go out in your house and you flip the circuit breaker or trip switch so the lights come on: having your bars done allows your lights to come on. The energy of the universe becomes available to you and this often results in more peace, ease, joy and glory in life.
While it would be inaccurate to give a standard answer to that, Different people report different experiences. In all, they all tend to be more aware and able to make faster Decisions; It is quite much like their Mind, like a computer system that got rebooted, is now devoid of Cache, Temporary Files, and Viruses.
Mind and Body if Seamlessly Integrated can create wonders and receiving Access Bars sessions have made people Healthier, Happier, and Peaceful. We do not make any Commitments on healing; Because it is you who decide how to use your awareness and the degree of results you are willing to experience and receive.

Several kinds of research were conducted by experts, Please find a few listed Below which may answer your query in detail.

By Dr Terry Hope, Psychologist
The Effect of Access Bars on Anxiety & Depression -  with Dr Dain Heer & Dr Terrie Hope 

By Dr Jeffrey Fannin Neuroscientist 
Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L. Fannin 

By Dr Lisa Cooney and Linda Adamowski Regulation Thermometry
Access Bars® and Regulation Thermometry Dr Lisa Cooney and Linda Adamowski 

Every session as well as Every Person receiving a session is different and so is the experience. 

The worst thing that may happen after a Bars session is you feel Like having a Great Massage. In the best-case scenario “Your whole life can change.”
Among the most commonly reported effects are:
An increased sense of Calmness and a Relaxed mind; Some feel Joy, Happiness, and feel very Light after the session. There is no one effect common for all.
Less reactive to situations that might have upset you in the past
Restful and deep sleep
A Feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter anymore.
Someone People reported They feel the same as they felt after one month of Meditation.
A few reported I can’t explain, But it feels Like A Knot Deep inside is Untied”
One kid said I feel like I am walking on Air. Further, he said After  COVID Lockdown; and my hair had grown really long and I finally got a Hair Cut. The relief I felt after getting hair short-cropped is quite the same what I feel after getting an Access Bars Session.
Now, How does it get even better than this?

Anyone who has learned Bars from a certified Facilitator and attended a Full day Access Bars Workshop and is recognized by Access Consciousness as a Bars Practitioner.

Usually it takes a minimum of 45 Mins to a Maximum of 90 Mins. For kids, it may take from 15 Mins to 25 Mins to run their Bars.

Anything comfortable.  Please remove your watch. 

It Depends from person to person and What lies underneath the layers of their mind and how aware are they. Some release stuck energy forever and immediately, Some may choose longer.
Every next time you get an Access Bars session, the effect becomes more dynamic and stable. The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within 3-4 weeks of the session.

How often one should get a Bars Session

This is entirely up to you. How good would you like to feel? How easy would you like your life to be?
Some Bars facilitators wonder why we don’t all do it every day! Most like to have their bars run at least once a week, or whenever they feel stressed, cranky, or out of sorts with how their lives are going. After any kind of major shock or trauma or energetic shift of any kind is another time to consider having your bars done.

You can Learn bars from an Access Certified Bars Facilitator by attending one of the 1 Full Day or 2 Half Days Workshops.
To Learn it from Geet Batra and you may fill the form or click on the contact us section or register on Access Bars Workshop in the services section.

Can children and babies have their Bars done?

Absolutely; Children and babies are better at receiving a Bars Session and can get all of it in just a few minutes since they have no barriers or Baggage.
This means they are often more willing to have rapid change in their bodies as well as in their being. It should be noted that children’s Bars can run very fast. Babies are even faster!

Women who have had their Bars done during pregnancy, especially on a regular basis, reported having easy births and many have avoided C-sections.

​Can I sleep during a Bars Session? Do I have to keep my eyes closed during a Bars Session?

Yes of course! You get the full benefit whether you are awake or otherwise. You may keep your eyes open or closed as comfortable; you may even keep talking about what is important to you with the practitioner and they may facilitate more awareness to you, using the tools.
There is no right or wrong with Bars.

Yes! It’s in 170+ different countries!

The cost of a Bars session is entirely up to the facilitator who gives it to you. If you are looking for several sessions, I will find a package to help make this more affordable. Otherwise, see my Services page on this website for current costs for a 75-90 minutes session.

Most people reported having more Ease and Joy in your Life and constantly expanding to have better than ever before when they get a bars session regularly.

 Your Body requires cleaning very Often and that decides your frequency of taking a Bath.
Access Bars are about choice. You don’t have to necessarily do anything. It’s your choice; People who experience the greatest benefit from Bars are those who have received it repeatedly. 

People with mental and psychological problems we're able to do better without being on Medication; They also experienced amazing changes in their state of mind. Of course, we recommend you consult your doctor before discontinuing mind-altering drugs.

No. The Bars cannot harm anyone and there is no Side effect.

Yes, Only those who are unwilling or uninterested in trying it. Receiving a Bars Session is about exercising your own Choice / Free Will. And It shouldn’t be forced on anyone.

 Expectations are not helpful here, So just come with an Open Mind (no hidden agenda) 
Every Bars session is Unique and Even with the best intention, a session can not be repeated for another nor for the same person again.
There is no way to predict exactly what will “happen.” The guideline that best applies is -
The worst thing that may happen after a Bars session is you feel Like having a Great Massage. In the best-case scenario “Your whole life can change.”

Healing is a Choice and So is Ailment!

Hippocrates, The father of medicine almost 2000 years back said “ Before you Heal someone, Please ask them if they are willing to let go of what causes the ailment in them”

Access Bars facilitate consciousness, which can change just about anything in life. Some of the physical ailments that have changed in one Bars session include scoliosis resulting in a 1-1/2” height gain, changing pigeon-toes that medical doctors recommended surgery for, as well as relief and disappearance of all kinds of aches and pains all over the body. 
Many people have used the Bars in combination with other tools of Access Consciousness to make “incurable” diseases including cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression & bipolar disorder disappear.

You don’t! 

What Hippocrates, The father of medicine said  almost 2000 years back “Before you Heal someone, Please ask them if they are willing to let go of what causes the ailment in them”

The symptoms or disease will go away when you and your body are ready to release the considerations (thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, decisions, and judgments from any lifetime) that are keeping the unwanted condition in place.  This process is not linear, which means that a condition that one person let go of in one session could take many sessions for another person and there is no wrongness in this. It is just different. It is, however, possible to ask a particular Bars session to address particular symptoms or issues. The results are determined by the person receiving the Bars session and their body.  Feel free to discuss this with me before the session.

As often as you would like to feel Great, Free and at ease and more Joy?

Some People who have been practising the Bars for a while usually get them done regularly. They get an Access Bars session as regular as they can be; Because it helps them achieve more when they are Joyful and at ease than being stressed, anxious and being their controlling self.

It is Recommended not necessary; It provides relaxation for the receiver in most cases as well as ease and comfort for the Bars giver. If lying down flat is a problem, a reclining chair or lawn chair (“zero gravity recliner”) can also work.
Anything else One should know before a Bars session?
Please don’t touch your fingers/hands together during a session, it will temporarily short circuit the benefits.
Bars cannot be done with music playing as it stops the electrical discharge of implants (what you want!)

A lot of times we have Blocked to exclude Situations, Experiences, People from our lives in various ways; repeat patterns over years have made invisible walls around us to protect ourselves from harm or stimuli that we have associated with emotional pain or Mental Trauma. When you learn Bars you become more aware of what you require to do instead of blocking all that is coming from others around you. Bars Session reopens our ability to give and receive without any blocks, The door to Abundance Opens and we start sharing it as well.

Access Bars is not just about Bars, It is an Introduction to a whole new world, a Way of Life and Pragmatic Tools and Processes to live a life with Ease, Joy, and Glory.
We did not come with an Instruction manual to life, Neither had any tools to wade our way to Life, And Access Bars could be one that you may want to have.

To give bars to others, you need to attend a 1-day Access Bars Practitioner Certification workshop from an Approved Bars Facilitator. In this workshop, you will learn how to give Bars and get your certification as a Practitioner.
You will be able to start your Practice and give Bars Sessions to the client and even choose to learn Body processes further for advanced healing Methodologies as well.

Yes, However getting a session from someone else may give results that may be Manifold Powerful.

You may choose to get sessions from a Practitioner; However when you learn it you will get access to tens of other classes of Access Consciousness, which will provide you tools to use to empower yourself as well as hundreds of others you come across.
And you can get Access bars sessions in barter from a fellow Bars Practitioner for giving them a bars session; Unless you like to pay people for their services more.

Access bars are just a gateway to a new world for you. It opens up a new way of life that is Empowering.
You may further explore, X-Men, Talking to Entities, Body processes like Facelift and Vision Correction, Empowering relationships, Talking to Animals, Right Voice for you, Right Body for you, Business Done Different (Joy of Business 2.0), How to Become Money, and much much much more.
Connect with an Access Bars Facilitator for more.

Now Again, How does it get even better than that!