Access Bars Workshop

It’s a 1 Day Workshop to equip you with Tools, Process to be more aware by dissipating all the past that is not working for you.

About The Course

If you ever felt stuck and ran out of choices; You would find a Mine of infinite possibilities to choose from.

And best is your never-ending loop of making bad decisions may end.

Do you know your past experiences, society norms, and others around you influence your decisions?

And you absorbed them too, sometimes even unconsciously; How is that working for you?

Consciousness is Easy, fitting into the reality and the Matrix is what is uncomfortable.

When you Choose Consciousness, Ease, Joy & Glory in your Life will be the natural choice for you.

Join this Workshop; No tricks, No Tips, No Formulas; Just pure awareness to practice and move forward.

Would you aspire to be working towards being conscious and creating more than you ever did

What you will get from this Workshop is much more than you can get from any other thing I know of-

  • Self-Empowerment and developing the ability to help others

  • Relief from Pain & Ailments

  • Ease from Stress Anxiety & Depression & have Peace of Mind

  • Ease with Emotional, Mental & Physical Healing

  • Easier & Better Sleep Quality

  • Enriched Relationship

  • Opens up the RECEIVING Ability

  • Joyfulness

  • Enhanced Productivity & Performance

  • Sharper Mind, Clear Focus, Enhanced Creativity

  • Winning Over Fears & phobias

  • Learn to get out of stuck situations

Thinking is stinking, Mind is a dangerous thing

Ask yourself - Is it might for me to choose this workshop? and if it does, go for it!

Ask yourself one more time

What would be my life like in the next 5 years, If I Choose to attend this workshop now? Will it be worth it?

What you will get from this Workshop is much more than you can get from any other thing I know of-

  • Facilitation & Training in the workshop
  • International Certification for the Workshop
  • Registration & Login on the Access Website and access to Materials.
  • Access Bars Manual
  • Access Bars Charts
  • Tea/ Coffee Snacks & Lunch
  • Receive Two sessions in the Workshop
  • Practice Giving Two Sessions
  • Whatsapp Support group and learning through sharing with others.
  • On-call Support by Geet Batra as long as you keep practicing the methodology
  • Ongoing Invitations for future events and Meetups

A Little About the Access Certified Facilitator Geet

A CONScIOUSness facilitator, and Life Coach

My purpose is to Empower people to be who they really are that they are yet to be and the world is yet to see.

And No, I am not going to Tell you or Give Gyan; That’s how a facilitator does; you choose for yourself.

Like A lighthouse I stand and you will find your own path, your own direction and your own destination