Book Excerpts: Pragmatic Psychology

Some random But Amazing Excerpts from an Awesome Book.

“How much of your depression, anxiety and other problems are about you living someone else’s version of life”

“How much more is available for you that you never allowed yourself to choose?”

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“I used to try to make my parents happy and did all I could to show them that life can be so much greater than drama and trauma and thinking that everything they do is wrong. The more I tried to make them happy, the unhappier I became.”

“This book is an invitation for you to step out of the box you call your life; to let go of the judgments that limit you and the things you call your problems so that you can be who you truly are and generate and create your reality as you truly wish.”

Adding a few more

“don’t have any fun reading this book. Fun is bad. It is immoral and makes life way too easy. ”

Lack of awareness is like trying to get dressed in the dark. What you find wearing when you get into the light might not be what you hoped for.”

“Is the ego real or a creation? The ego is a concept that is created by the mind. People are trying to get free from something that is an invention. Like every other problem. So people are trying to get free from their mind by using their mind, the very thing that creates the problem. How well is that working? How many things that are not even real are you trying to get rid of when all you do is go further and further down the rabbit hole and into your own invention?”

For those who have lost someone Recently.

Some Excerpt From: Susanna Mittermaier. “Pragmatic Psychology”.

“The reaction trance dance”

How much of your life is based on other people´s points of view that you have decided you cannot go beyond? In this reality we have learned to react in certain ways to certain situations. When you lose somebody your reaction is supposed to be sad. When your boyfriend meets his ex-girlfriend you are supposed to be upset. When you are in a traffic jam you are supposed to get stressed or angry. There are certain mechanisms that we have learned that is normal to function from. It is functioning from the autopilot called this reality. Reaction never gives you choice. You are always looking for the right way to behave, fit in and be normal.

“Anger, sadness, fear, pain…. Is all that real or is it an invention? What makes it real is that you make it real because everybody else does the same. Have you ever been in an extreme situation? For example, you lose somebody who was very close to you and the second you get the information you don’t have a reaction? Then you start to think about the appropriate reaction, and that computation gets created in a split second and you go into other people’s universes to figure out what is right in that situation and what is the appropriate way to react.”

“Some weeks ago my cat died. He was very, very dear to me, and was with me for many years. When he died I had no reaction at all. I was totally at peace. No sadness, no feelings, no emotions. After a couple of minutes my brain tried to compute the whole situation and tried to do what is right, which is to be sad and cry. So I cried for a while and then I asked, ”What is this thing I call sadness? Is this really sadness or something else?” Since ”something else” made me and my body relax, I knew that I was on the right track. Immediately, things lightened up, and I was at peace again and started laughing.I knew that what I had misapplied as sadness was joy and gratitude for my cat. How did I get so lucky to have had so many wonderful moments with him?”

“My cat’s demise was supposed to be something that should have caused sadness and grief. That would have been the “right” reaction. Being sad would have proven how much I cared for my cat. Not being sad when someone dies is judged as being cold and not caring, or as a reaction that is suppressed and not healthy, which is just another way of saying that it is wrong.

How many times have you heard, ”You do not have any feelings,” meaning that you are cold and mean? Feelings are something that are used to prove a connection. By finding out what was truly going on, and that I was not sad at all when my cat died, but rather I was grateful for my cat, I acknowledged the amazing connection my cat and I had, and there was no need to prove anything anymore with feelings. I was totally aware and receiving the contribution my cat was to me and I to the cat.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are inventions people create to make

themselves ”real” and right in this reality, to fit in, and to prove that they care. What if you do not have to make you ”real” anymore, or fit in, or prove anything, but simply know that you are such an amazing gift?

What if you tried a different approach?”

Excerpts From: Susanna Mittermaier. “Pragmatic Psychology”

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