The writing of this book has been a joyful and expansive experience and we trust that you will find something that relates to your own personal situation.

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This Conscious Leadership book is a gift to every individual, leader and organisation dedicated to creating a life that is greater than what they now have, and to making a difference in the world. It is an invitation for those people who choose to be more conscious in their leadership, with an emphasis that no particular way is right or wrong.

The book is a creation of Chutisa Bowman and Steven Bowman with major contribution from Gary Douglas, based on a foundation of expanded consciousness

and business experience that provides transformational tools that can unlock and open doors for leaders to be more conscious.

This book empowers leaders to become conscious of and shift any part of their reality that isn’t working. It shows leaders how to make the personal journey towards becoming powerful and conscious leaders. This book has been created to convey at a macro level the tools for all leaders and businesses endeavoring to become more conscious.

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