Digging Expert or a Life coach?

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She looked at me in awe and said excitedly “So you a Life Coach?”

I smiled at her reaction and softly said “Yes”

She wondered for a moment and said, “So ……Do you save lives in times of disaster”

I laughed and said, “I am a Life coach and

that doesn’t mean i save lives. I help my clients live well; disasters or no, I stand by them”

She exclaimed – “Ahhh!! So you are a spiritual guru Like Swami Vivekananda!”

I burst out laughing, It was fun watching her use her Knowledge bank and experience to try and figure what exactly i do.

I was impressed by her bountiful energy, She barely let me speak a word and goes again asking….. From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2017013995237449

Wow………..You are a digging expert” she said with exuberance and a glint in her eyes. “You help them dig deep within themselves to find their very best. “You help people Dig their own Gold”

She was standing by her bunk bed throughout our conversation. She wasn’t done yet I guess because she proceeded to sit down, cross-legged on the floor by her bed with her chin resting at the base of her palm.

I was amazed at her choice of words. It got me thinking about how beautifully she had translated my work into words.

How unique is her ability to describe in words, I was keen to know this special person; if only she lets me speak

I said, “That is so beautifully expressed. Yes, you are right, I help people find the best of themselves”.

She was beaming and was really happy with herself.

She said, “You must be a celebrity then, please tell me your name?” From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2019375645001284

I burst out Laughing again, Now it was my turn to be on the floor Laughing.

“My name is Geet and I am not a Celebrity.”

She smiled coyly and said “I am Emma. I am sorry, I have been talking to you for the last few minutes without introducing myself”

I replied “ Hello Emma, Nice to meet you!”

She was looking at me with the same puzzled look and started again “What you do is so awesome, Everybody needs a coach; Isn’t it true?”

I was thoroughly amused. I was really enjoying this conversation. It was as if going through my notes and study that I was doing on an individual’s belief systems and how they shape a person their behavioural patterns and destiny was not important anymore.

I unfolded my hands and kept my notes aside; But before I could reply to her, I wanted to think.

“Why do people need a coach? Who needs a Coach? Who doesn’t need a coach?

From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2019852058286976

“When the student is ready, The master will appear,” I said with a chuckle.

I continued “A Coach is a catalyst and unless an individual is willing to use one, it can’t be forced”

Emma asked “ So how do one know, its right time to hire a coach”

I replied, “Anytime is good, All one needs to WANT the power within him/ her

unleashed. Restlessness to act with focus and commitment. When one is willing to put discipline in practice or when one knows that he had already explored all other possible options”

She said “Ah….You mean the breaking boundaries that they didn’t know existed”

I smiled with a “Yes”

She asked again “And are all people willing to break them and move forward? What if they don’t?”

I said “the difference is between one committed to succeeding and not just wanting to succeed. Also, people look at Coaching as cost and not as value, Until then they are on their own”

She sang a line from Hotel California Song by Eagles ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”

And said “Can I have the honour of taking a Life coach for Dinner today”

From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2020913558180826

Above all the best eateries that Mumbai can offer, she chose Vada Pav stall at the street at Bandra Fort and relished it not just for the taste but by sight (Several Clicks from her iPhone)

It was past midnight, Mumbai weather always treated me nice. Every person i met in this city was special; Wonder why i had a misconception in my mind about people

and the city weather. I knew that i have started liking Mumbai.

She asked, “So ….what took you so long in deciding to be a Coach” while we were strolling by the Beach.

Looking up the clear sky, where the moon was peering over at us; as if it was asking me the same question. I took out my camera and took a shot.

I replied “Rat Race, I was running the Rat race, Until I realised I am not a Rat”

I continued “Other than that it was the fear of judgement from others, Failure and Self Judgement”

She said “I fear that too”

From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2023880591217456

Something triggered in her, she seemed to have forgotten my presence, I chose not to interrupt the silence.

The moonlit her face, Emma was looking down to her left, She definitely was thinking about something from her past (Something I learnt from my Coach Training)

I was inquisitive about how we met, Wondering….

How true it is that things happen for a reason?

Do you come across people out of nowhere to trigger something in your life? Like a catalyst?

What could be her role or what could be my role? What is she doing in India on her own, travelling Solo?

She turned to me and said, “India is my escape, I came here to be away from all the judgements.”

“I was a Happy Child, I had good grades, have a good job, I am fine by myself”

But I am never enough for people around me; My Dad, My Mom, My Sisters, My Brother, My Boss and even my Boyfriend. I feel torn in different directions, like a Juggler failing to balance between these forces and I know I look awful and broken. Why is that so…… I want your view, please. From my Facebook post here – https://www.facebook.com/Coachgeet/photos/2024949401110575 Photo credits – All Pictures are taken by Geet Batra Thank you for Reading! Geet Batra Do Visit my Blog for more articles here here https://www.magicpossibilities.com/blog if you are looking for the formula to live life with more Ease, Joy & Glory; Explore 10 Keys to Total freedom Book; Find my Excerpts from it – https://www.magicpossibilities.com/post/book-excerpts-ten-keys-to-total-freedom Have you been rejecting things because they are Costly? Read this on the impact on you here https://www.magicpossibilities.com/post/oh-it-s-so-costly

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