Oh, It’s so Costly!

How many times have you heard people say that to you or to someone else”Ohhh It’s so Costly!” or “It’s Bloody Expensive?”

How many times have we ourselves saying that Often to others?

What it actually means is…….. It is worth so much that I am not worth it!

Money is like any other person in your life and you have developed a kind of relationship with money, mostly without even being aware of it.

Thinking or talking about Money will give you emotions, feelings thoughts, barriers, judgements and limitations about money; Isn’t it the same with a person you are in a relationship with?

Most of us, When are presented with an opportunity to spend/use money, get concerned about spending and actually consider losing money. What if spending money is a way to buy what you need, want or be happy?

And what if, it’s an Investment?

Let’s take a paradigm shift… How much do you make in an hour, In a day, In a Week and in a Month, please note that down somewhere with you on a notepad? Now multiply by 12 and multiply by the number of years you have worked. You would get an X amount.

Now note down the years ahead and the amount of money you are WILLING to work for in future. You would have a Y Amount

Look at this X and Y amount, is that all that your life is worth?

How much would you spend to be happy right now? How much would you spend to get over the hurdles and obstacles you have right now? If you had an unlimited Money supply in this world, How much would you be willing to spend a great life from your first day since you were born till your last day? Now you may get an Amount Z.

The Z amount you are willing to spend to have a great life from start till the end is what your life is WORTH.

Now when you say “Ohhh It’s so Costly!” or “It’s Bloody Expensive?” Costly or expensive in comparison to WHAT? what is it in comparison to the Amount Z? What is it in comparison to the outcome or results that you may buy?

Also when you say “Ohhh It’s so Costly!” or “It’s Bloody Expensive?” The signal that you are giving to your subconscious mind is of Impossibility and resignation of ever be able to spend that much.

Also at times, you say it out of Habit or to casually Joke or even to manipulate the other you are negotiating with; However the problem is your Subconscious mind does not distinguish between a casual word and one that you meant.

The subconscious mind is like a child (Powerful ability to Create/ Manifest a Life) who once learns a lesson will keep repeating it until the end. Once you call

anything costly or expensive you have taught Subconscious that you will never be able to make or spend that much money ever.

What if, Kids develop this Costly or Expensive mindset!

Childhood is like assembly line of a factory; where the initial programming in mind stays for a Lifetime and debugging to change the initial code snippet it takes way too Long.

This was a realisation when once my Son when he was 8 years old in a mall started saying “Dad, Isn’t it so costly” for a lot of things he saw in that Mall. For a child nothing is costly, It’s only that the parents are not willing to pay for it. He won’t know Costly from cheap, less from more, that programming is what we are putting in them.

It was a realisation and that’s when I started working on my own Costly Vs. Willingness to spend and I don’t have the Money Vs. I do not want to have it or I do not need it understanding.

Once you understand Need Vs. Want, Necessary Vs. Good to have, Possessions Vs. Experiences and investing for the Possibility, taking decisions on spending money would be way lot easier.

First, correct the parental programming; so that the authority parents have, do not get engraved on the child again.

Incorrect programming of mind about money will repeat the experiences and life that you have had in your life. The BioMimetic memory will give your kids the same life as you. Your kids would end up doing the same and will not be finding a better way just because you may have given up that there is a better way.

Watch Gully Boy movie and there is a dialogue between the Father and the son”Have you ever thought that maybe you are wrong, you have spent all your life in proving one lie to yourself that this is what you deserved and this is what your destiny is” and the father says “No, this can’t be a Lie, I have seen more days and night than you, I am teaching you what I am taught” and continues

Father says “Your Dreams should match your Reality” and the son replies

“I am not going to change my Dream just to make it match your reality, Instead I WILL CHANGE MY REALITY TO MATCH MY DREAMS”

Nothing wrong with that, but do you think your kids are an exact replica of yours and should have life the same as yours so that you can get revalidation of your EGO? Isn’t it too big a cost to pay for your EGO?

What if instead you ask yourself and stay in the enquiry

  1. “What will it take for me to buy this and invest A Amount on this”
  2. “What can I do to be able to pay for this with ease?”
  3. “What would transform or resolve in the next few days/months/years if I pay or invest in this product or service?”

Instead, when you say, “I am not able to see the worth or value in investing this much money” or “I am not willing to pay for this” then you are actually taking responsibility for making a choice and not externalising it to your relationship with money. Isn’t this way of communication more powerful.

Treat money like a loved one, that you have no Judgement about, treat it like your lover, be kind and gentle and you will open up to the abundance of it from everywhere.

Spend time with Money, nurture it Nourish it, invest in it, ask things from it, make an effort for it; Not even once I asked you to be reckless with it or disrespect or dishonour it.

If you have had a painful relationship with it in the past, mend it, Invest in it, Forgive, apologise seek forgiveness from it, Write a letter to Money; Create and Choose a relationship with it from scratch once again.

“Ask and you shall receive” is a Law of the Universe; For a change start saying yes to things that hold a promise of a new possibility; because what you have done in the past have given you results that you got in the past and no different!

Would be happy to help with your questions and working on your relationship with money. Hope you enjoyed the article, please feel free to Like, Share and leave your comments on the article. And to receive more value come back to this article and read again; you will perceive more the second time or third time than before. Also, I encourage you to read the following Books to explore more and Break the Limitations of your Thoughts, Experiences and beliefs on Money; I would recommend the following Books to you.

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