Of course, I am Stupid Anyway

The title of this Blog is “Of course, I am Stupid Anyway”You either do not believe that I am Stupid or it got you Curious 😀 Thank you for Being here; Hope you enjoy the Intellectual Stimulation.

This is the outcome of one of my Shower Blessings Note – Only Those of you who have attended my calls know the connection between me and the Shower; Others may just go on ahead with a Spinning Voyage.

Free Will; What do you think of it?

Do you actually believe that there is Free Will? I felt awfully stupid when the answer came.

The first thought was “Really, Where is Free Will, It must be a Joke; Literally, someone is playing with you. The child who is born can’t even turn his head, for even crawl to food; So totally Dependent for years to come. The Free will is only exercised by Parents first “ON YOU”.

And then the family members, Teachers, Social Figures, Bullies, Bosses, Politicians, Business Tycoons & Religious Gurus? Stupid Stupid, it is, none of them was born like that, They too were born Infants or were they not? And then they too were not able to Exercise their Free will all the time; Try your Free will and exercise it forgetting your Wife’s Birthday or your Anniversary 😀 or Women may try flirting with the Neighbour with Husband Around 😀

I am just keeping the conversation Light; So bear with me.

So can you tell your boss to go to hell and go for a movie instead and he is Okay About it? Because he would understand you have Free Will? And He won’t be Exercising his Own? Do you give your teenage son Free will to try and rob a Bank or hack a bank server? And you would be okay with it? The above indicates there is No Free Will at all; Then why do some people are strong advocates of it? Let’s forget the Infant part for a while; You go to school; You had Option of Liking it, Not Liking it, talking to others or not, Loving your teacher or throw tantrums at her, Sitting with this girl or that Boy; Going to school with drama or looking forward. Have that for breakfast or just eat candies, Drama to take bath ones you reach home, Play with Food, Fight with the elder brother, give or not give your toys……….. Phew! That’s a Lot of Choices in a day, isn’t it? Every Moment you made a choice, you may have made Hundreds of choices in every moment every day. And then a little more than a decade of moving classes/schools/friends/ events/ teachers, Class lessons, Life Lessons and so on and on; most of these choices were unconscious choices without having any end or distant future in Mind.

Think about it, Are you a Victim of circumstances or a Victim of choices you made?

That Choice where you were defiant with your dad or that Bully in School or chose to be Timid, withdrawn or reticent instead. Or that time when the Girls in your friends birthday party laughed at your Pimple on the nose and called you ugly and you took it to heart; instead of laughing about it,

was also a choice?

Do You see the Free Will here? Free will is nothing but the choice you made then of your reaction or response and of holding the same reaction or response to another situation where the stimulus was not even the same?

Get this Formula- Every X amount of choice you made in a day multiplies by 365 similar choices in that year multiplies by Y years of Age you are is what you have as life.

I remember being offered College P and even I, But I chose college T; I could have been somewhere better or worse if that time I had made a different choice, So who to Blame?

Me? Really?

X*365*44 Years is what I am and it was nothing but my Free will!

And if you think you can control your life, and be right all the time; I would love to know how many Right choices you made among these millions that you did since you started growing up as a child. Stupid that I am 😀 My question is What if these were just choices and it doesn’t matter whether they were right and wrong or not; What you may know that these are just choices; And Right now you can make another one. And Since now you are making it; it better be empowering and creating a better you than a few minutes before.

Think about it, Either way, We are stupid, So Would it actually matter being Right?

if we don’t believe in Free will then we do not even know the power of choice and if we believe why to expect the other person something else against their own Free will!

When you believe in Free Will; It is important to know that others have Free Will too and they may or may not exercise it, But you may Honor them for having it and making a choice to use. So every Time you have expectations from someone or project the outcome of something and if that doesn’t Happen; It is Upsetting and How much ever you like to Control it; Ask a Question to yourself First……..

Am I Honoring the Free will that they have? And What choice can I make now?

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Wish you more ease with the choices you will make; especially when they are just choices and not right and wrong; even better you can not control it all

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