Are you Only a Giver or do you have a blocked receiving?

To Some it Feels good that we are generous in Giving; What if, there is something else Beneath that?

A Lot of People i came across have difficulty in receiving from others.

And so much that sometimes even a Compliment or Gratitude sounds much and they tend to waive away.

Five Common Behaviours are observed

  1. With Grace – These people have no Blocks about receiving or giving; Have no Judgements about who and why they are receiving from and for what purpose. It is pretty much Simple like a child. This is a Being of Sages and is the purest form as it appears to be.
  2. With Gratitude – These people have learnt that receiving is part of life and they do not have a perception of receiving as wrong, But the opposite, They receive with Gratefulness and Value the gesture, opportunity, Deed and the person.
  3. With Greed- They have no boundaries to receiving however they wish to draw more from others because they operate from scarcity and feel the only way to be enough is to draw more from the World. They feel that to receive from others they need to ask, Beg, Borrow, Steal or even lie and become smaller to prove they have Less than other because they believe receiving can only happen from More to less. These will not be open to Giving unless they get a better deal from the recipient in return. Some of these receive as if they are doing a favour to you and do not need anything at all. And they will manipulate or connive you to believe that you are doing the right thing in giving it to them. They have the ability to turn from Nice to Nasty quick and easy once giving is complete.
  4. With Obligation- They have a lot of walls and Barriers, If they could they would never receive from. anyone unless they know of their intention; Unconditional giving is a mystery that they would not believe. These barriers are the effect of cynical upbringing or childhood conditioning and these people have many Boundaries because of persistent trust issues. Everything needs to have a reason and a practical purpose.
  5. With Rejection- In this case, one feels that Receiving from anyone means they have become small, weak and not good enough and they would rather not have it than feel this way; It may be perceived as pride or Ego, But in Simple words, it is because of numerous Barriers they had been creating their life from. These people give with High handedness and are usually Arrogant.

The boundaries and walls stop receiving are built from Early Childhood. When one could only ask someone of Authority or someone who they trust completely. Because receiving meant being Small, Not having enough, Not Capable Enough and receiving may mean being Vulnerable.

With such blocks when one is forced to ask for something from someone, they may find difficulty in asking Directly and would fumble for words and have to build the entire story when they have to ask something from others they would convey the entire story and not what they want?

Is Asking for something is about Lacking Security? Not having Enough or Not being Good Enough? or Being Vulnerable?

Now Look at all kind of Receivers above, Most of them operate from a place of Scarcity; Where are you not believing that your ask will not be fulfilled or that you are not worthy of receiving or it is so scarce that you are a survivor if you receive it.

Is it possible that like every Single Breath we take, receiving is as easy as that?

What if an Ask is just an Ask, Without meaning anything; What if you could ask without any judgement of it or any attachment to it and allow it to come in its own way.

What if not receiving is not a rejection of you, And maybe you require to ask for something else or somewhere else?

Try Asking without any attachment or calculation or projection of what may happen, being in no anticipation and just an act of asking nothing more nothing less, Nothing before and nothing after.

What if, it is true what they say about the Universe

Ask and You shall Receive!

Just be willing to receive, Because you deserve much more than you are asking for!

Geet Batra

Certified Access Bars Facilitator and ICF certified Life coach

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