Would you be Showing up as You

How many times have you been hiding behind reasons and others; What things and situations are you avoiding that if you don’t you will set yourself Free?

If Only we all were born with an Instructional Manual; But we didn’t!

All of us were born with a blank Slate and without a map to Life.

Being born was like being thrown into the Pool, Learning your own strokes in your own time; Our Parents and immediate family members were like designated Coaches, It was their Role to be. They chose it Knowingly or Unknowingly the grave challenge that they have for years to come. Each claimed to impose on you about them being right; Neither was their scale to ascertain if they were nor was a qualification to confirm that.

The fear of not being Accepted or the threat of being rejected was presented in the form of constant judgement; Until we learned the ways of the world around us only to fit in.

This was a world of “No Choice”

We all have been in such a situation, Scenario or the Thought process. It felt like our Hands are tied and there is no Light at the end of the Tunnel.

So what new this article may introduce yourself to?

If you wish to have awareness, Ask questions without judging for a right answer or stopping at any one of them as final.

Here are some questions that may open up something for you; Please answer them before you move forward.

Would you allow yourself to be wrong for once?

What if a lot of what you were told was a lie? Can you identify a few of them?

What if all that you heard or experienced was from someone else’s limited point of view?

What if what you are holding on to was to control or limit you?

What if it’s the Matrix that you can get out of?

Did trying to prove someone else right or wrong got you stuck in this Reality even more? What if that was not even a game worth playing? It was only a Distraction to digress you from what you knew was possible.

You only ended up divorcing yourself, Stopped you to harness your true Power, or from going out of Control.

Your Success, Money, Identity and Goals were not yours ; As if you have been running a Marathon that is not even your race; Only to know too late that you probably are a Swimmer.

The Rules, Norms, Conditioning, Etiquettes, Upsets, Punishment and many other methods to control and manipulate you into being smaller than you really are so that you can feed into someone else’s insecurity.

Always Judging yourself or others, conforming to a scale which you don’t even know the inventor of. To seek that perfection of scale, there was a constant fight with the unnamed enemy, Delays left you with a feeling of not good enough. You delayed things for the need to be Perfect; Whereas Perfection is an illusion that can only exist with the comparison.

Let’s take the concept of beauty for example and the standards defined at mass level; There is a Godzillion amount of Literature, Media, Movies and Advertisement emphasizing a level of perfection; Imagine the amount of stress it has caused to many when they look into the mirror; only to be not happy in being their own skin.

What if the Normal is Abnormal? And what is Abnormal is the true Beauty?

In a week sublimely we were bombarded with stimuli about hundred and thousands of times; Would you Wonder how much of it was painted on real you since you were born.

Would you be willing to see that beauty may be Skin Deep, whereas we did not even scratch the surface most of the times?

Such constant and Immense impact on our Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions build invisible, impenetrable and impregnable walls around us to stop us from receiving the abundance that we have around us. Stopping us to receive Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Encouragement, Prosperity, Love, Admiration and a much more that we are not even aware of.

The more we confine to the standards, The more need for being right fuels the Ego; Which is only a Self-defence mechanism from shattering these walls, Safeguard from Hurt to identity, Envy that makes you aspire for something that you do not even require and a scale of judgement for others or yourself.

Will you go for something that is adjudged not good but still true for you?

Will you be vulnerable and admit the gap, instead of going in hiding or suppression?

Will you show courage to be your true self without fear of judgement, Criticism and Rejection?

Did you stop yourself to write that article, that post or that comment on social media because of the judgement of self?

Did you criticise someone to Sing or speak in public just because you cannot?

Did you not advertise because you believed someone that you are not doing it right or do n

Do you resist asking for money for your Services, because you doubted if you deserve or if they will pay for what you are worth?

What if that which stops us from showing up is the same reason we criticise others for; And only end up sit back in inaction and in Judgement of others? Your focus is on Limitations and Judgement; The ones who broke the barrier had their focus on Possibilities and Gratitude.

The only way to break this cycle is not from outside but from within and it only takes you to choose differently for once and swear not to go back ever.

So……Would you be willing to Show up?

Showing up is a Choice, What’s yours?

Hope you enjoyed the Article

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