Manipulation – Choice of being Miserable and killing the Free Spirit

I care for you, I love you!

And that lasts for your Partner, Brother, Friend, Obedient Adorable Son / Daughter only until they do what you want.

About a month back I received a message from someone who had sent me a Long message (a Lot of Text) with a Music Video; Since I chose to spend time the way I chose to, I did not go through it.

I received a message from her again today; asking “Hey. Cud u experience it?:)”

To which I replied “Nope, I did not, My hands are full with loads of material to go through 😀 and I have at least 5 books open, tens of videos I wanna watch along with the various Zoom calls I am taking.”

Pat came the reply “Lol. I just learnt from your courage for a straight insult. 👍, Good-Bye BRO”

When I replied, I realised, I was Blocked.

This incident is not so important, I barely knew the person except a few business transactions almost a decade back, But it became a trigger to write this Article i was looking forward to write about how we manipulate by being a Pain in Elbow (Read *** ) for people in our lives.

We were all born with Freewill, and first, it is overruled by parents, then Family, then at school and finally by society; Do we really have freedom to chose or are we just give a Mirage of it?

Let’s not make anyone wrong here or get into wrongness, The point to make about what happened/ happens and how we may be doing it; Unknowingly and if there are better choices available than we know.

All this comes out in the form of Sarcasm, Complaints, Name-calling, Confrontation, Obligatory accusation, Victimisation and at times Cutting Off Ties.

Deep down there is a need for Validation, Approval and if not strong Need to control your outcomes.

Why do people get Angry or Upset? What if, There is no Righteousness about it, Would we still behave that way?

Can a Person choose by themselves for themselves? Are they allowed? is there even a question of allowance required? Even if they are messing up with there own life, is it ok that they own up the responsibility fully and need not stop themself for lack of acceptance or approval or rejection from others?

Or are you accountable as well as responsible for that? If so, what made you react in a way that does not serve you? what else could you have done? Were you attached or is it that you were committed to the outcome?

Because if you were committed you would try a Hundred times and maybe more. And if you were attached you would only throw your arms in the air, raise your voice and walk away.

All that trauma and drama is only for making the other person feel wrong and a pseudo-triumph of being right, would that serve anyone? Anyone at all?

If you are around someone like that in your Life, Know that you are neither respected nor honoured and the person is Emotionally Immature and TOXIC, let them know it and distance away.

Because whatever that person has done for you were for an intention to settle scores later.

How do I know this, Because I was one!

Awareness is a Choice, What’s Yours?

Geet Batra

Certified Access Bars Facilitator and ICF certified Life coach

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