Caught unaware with his Plunge into the Darkness

One incident which shook the entire country about Suicide by a Bollywood actor. I am not an expert, so this is not advice, But an expression of thoughts, questions that we could be looking for answers and possibly where can we find them.

Two scenarios cause absolutely Futile deaths, One is the extra Rush of Adrenalin, the excitement, the thrill-seeking for adventure and the other is complete lack of it.

Most people across the world manage to balance and stay alive too.

The Addiction to either of them Kills.

But Depression ………….is a Silent Killer!

reason to be happy.

If it doesn’t really kill, It kills the scope of someone reaching their highest potential; Leaving this world not worthy to live for, confront or even try mending.

And the Underlying belief is “it’s not just worth living here anymore” with a Hope that probably the death will end all of this helplessness and Misery. We don’t know for sure if that’s true and

What if “This life is How the Heaven looks like?”

Neither the Smiling faces mean happiness, nor the Gloomy faces means a lack of

So what keeps some afloat and some drown or fall into the bottomless pit.


The need to be right, more definitions to of right or wrongs and good or bad; changing times and the definition changes; the number of ideas and communication that we are surrounded with leads to more chaos than some of us could deal with. Let us understand this with an example.

You may have seen a water stream,

flowing naturally, Gushing through the rocks and boulders making its way to the Sea. Visualise a Big Rock of weighing about 70 Kgs in the middle of the stream, It had been there for centuries and it is doing its job well; Without any

BREAK, Undeterred from what it is supposed to do.

Now replace the Rock with yourself in its place.

Would you be able to play the sa

me role with as much Efficiency? Would you stand through the Summer Heat, Cold winters, Pouring rains, Excruciating Winds, Flood Waters and much more? For how long, Because this job may require years of endurance.

Most of us barely would be able to do it for not more than a couple of days; Eventually would end up from Reacting to Resisting to Aligning and giving up.

And that is what happens when we try to Control every Outcome in our Life, Which is strenuous, Ridiculously stupid; Each Failure leads to worry and fear of Judgement from Others leading to conclusion of judgement against us as small, weak, incapable and unworthy. This Constant Comparison with others, feeling of being rejected for who we are; eventually ends up in separating ourselves from others.

Allowance is a space of NO-Judgement

Allowance is the key, Allowance is when you are disengaging from Resistance, reaction or alignment with what comes your way; Keep your Focus irrespective of what happens.

We at large play our own role to practice Allowance in this Society; And still do what we must do; Choosing not to engage in changing the other, providing or seeking validation, approving or Rejecting the other, Just because they aren’t aligned to what you believe in.

The ONE, who took a Plunge into the darkness could be running a Rat Race; Only to find that he still falls short of Expectations and Judgement of others; Only to realise that the Mirage of winning the Race is not as Fulfilling as he thought it to be. And only to know after years that it was all a “Big LIE”.

So what is the Truth?

And what if, there isn’t any?

And what if, All that there is, is”Choice!”

The Irrefutable power to Choose the Life that you want! The Freewill that you were sent to enjoy. The Freewill, that no one can take from you and the Freewill of others that you can give them.

When we are in Allowance, Infinite number of choices open up for you and for others, There is no conclusive certainty, But a World full of Possibilities And then No One would feel pressurised or require to conclude their life as a dead end or be blinded to not be open to Infinite possibilities and ever choose to kill themselves.

What if you be the allowance for others to be “who they are” and do what you choose irrespective of the other, without comparison to the other.

The highest form of kindness is when you are in Allowance of the other without any Judgement, Without any Criticism, without the need to control with caustic remarks, without the emotional outburst for a thwarted intention, Unfulfilled expectation or an undelivered communication.

Ask for what you want, express yourself fully but be in Allowance of who they are and what you can be, The multiplicity of universe offers a prominent lesson.

A few things may help the one in need…

  • A pat on the back instead of the spiteful remark.
  • Encouragement in place of expressing disappointment based on an expectation.
  • An earful moment for someones cries for help.
  • Respecting each other’s individuality and choices.
  • Tell them, It’s okay to be who they are; Because they are unique.
  • Stop defining standards of perfection; Because there aren’t any.
  • And ask for help for yourself or someone else who may require it.

Build others Up, Put their Insecurities to rest, Remind them they are worthy, tell them that there is enough magic for everyone, And be the Light in a too-often Dim World.

Thank you for allowing my Expression and giving your time to think through it; What if there is no Rightness; Will you then be willing to believe what you do and let others believe what they do with Allowance.

For more on Practicing Allowance; Feel free to connect with me.

With Allowance for you to be who you are,

Geet Batra

Certified Access Bars Facilitator and ICF certified Life coach

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